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3 Horse Angle Load

3 Horse Angle Load 



3 Horse Float Angle Load Standard 


Overall information 

Overall size  5425x2280x2590mm 
Internal size  4500x1930x2155mm
Chassis size  4575 (+850) x 2280
Chassis  surface finish  Hot Dip Galvanized surface finish 
Net weight  1800KG
Max. Loading  2600KG
Surface finish  Powder coated 
Color  Can be customized color 
Windows and doors 
Side window  900x300mm 6 pieces 
Front Window  1220x610mm 1 peices 
Side door  1675x670mm 
Rear upper door  Pump  strut 
Rear Lower door  Used as ramp, 15mm plywood + 10mm rubber mat, pump strut 
Floor  18mm plywood + 8mm rubber mat
Horse protection frame  68mm thick pillow 
Inside horse rings  Stainless steel material 
Hayrack  Mesh hayrack on top 
Horse Saddle box  Swing horse saddle box, aluminium material
Spare parts 
Mudguard  1650x250mm 
Taillight bracket  1.5mm aluminium checkered plate 
Rim  14 inch alloy 
Tyre  185R14
Axle  50x50mm sqaure axle 
Brake  Electrical brake 
Spring  7 leaves spring 
Out side horse rings  Stainless steel 


Customized color and design are acceptable 



Haylite factory was founded in 1993. We manufacture different kinds of horse float and trailers. 

Available model of horse floats:

2 horse straight  load Standard 

2 horse straight load extended 

2 horse angle load standard 

2 horse angle load extended 

3 horse angle load standard 

3 horse angle load extended 

4 horse angle load 

7 horse angle load 

Gooseneck trailer with living area 

Customized design are also acceptable 

>Only for Wholesale. Contact us to get whole catalog with details. Your information is safe here.If you have any suggestions about our products, please leave a message,and we will immediately answer your questions. Thanks for your support.

Qingdao HAYLITE Machinery Co., Ltd

Address:Huanbao Er Rd,Qingdao Environmental Protection industry Park,Jimo,Qingdao,Shandong Province,China

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