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Adjustable Cattle Loading Ramp



Adjustable Cattle Loading Ramp
*Loading height:585 -- 1250mm;
*Wide operator catwalk;
*Main frame: 60*60*2square tube, Side frame:40*40*2mm square tube;
*Made side plate norm and thicker (1mm) ;
*Load capacity: 1000kg;
*Attach the side panel sheets to the frame by rivets ;
*Set the height by chain or circular tube;
*Dimension: 2990x1670x3240mm;
*Custom made sizing available ;
Features of adjustable loading ramp
Adjustable Cattle Loading Ramp  (standard) - LSR290AL
The cattle loading ramps are a solid free standing steel loading ramp.
Lower steel sheeting on the side ensures no damage to animal's feet.
Cattle rail side rails give smooth loading and unloading reducing the risk of bruising to animals.
Wide operator catwalk gives easy movement up and down the ramp for the operator.
Hot dip galvanizing ensures many years of use.
Fast to assemble and easy to relocate if required.


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